#1 How to Repair or Fix Headphones (Headphone Jack)

A "how to" guide showing how to fix plug shorts that occur in most brands of headphones. The headphone plug I show in the video is .19 (2 pack), here's the link: www.radioshack.com Another Gold plated plug is also .19 but it only has one plug in the package. This one requires NO SOLDER: www.radioshack.com Check out my third video on headphone plugs if your plug looks different from the one I show in this video. I explain the difference between the plugs and where you can purchase it: www.youtube.com
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This method of repair WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY if you have one. I start off by explaining why water damage stops phones from working properly. This phone is from the Blackberry 8300series. My phone fell in a pool and was completely underneath the water. This is meant for phones that have been completely saturated with water and are no longer working. If your phone has only been partially saturated try the rice method first for 24 hours and see if it works before trying these methods. This video was done without a SIM card in the phone. If you have a SIM card in your phone remove that also before using these techniques. This is the best way to fix a Blackberry with water damage and it really works! This video should get your phone working again and save you some money in the process! Good luck!

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  1. Make sure the plug looks exactly as it does in this video. I think it would work. Also, check out my 3rd headphone video hyperlinked in this video. At the 1:00 time-point I show a different plug. Check it out just to make sure you have the right plug.

  2. I believe so. I’ve never repaired a pair like that, but I am confident they have the same wires.

  3. You might have some left over wires that you will have to tape over but I think it would work.

  4. Make sure there aren’t any stray wires touching each other or that there isn’t any bare wire exposed that might be touching another wire or metal surface.

  5. after putting them wires to the holes in the jack. What do i do next after soldering?

  6. i’m having trouble with this. I burned the coating off and soldered the wires in their proper place but i dont get any sound. I move the the main wire around and get sound sometimes when it is in a certain position.

  7. Thanks, this how-to helped me a lot 😀 Even the cable colours where the same in mine (I didn’t had to sand them even) 😀

  8. Does the same thing work if I’m trying to convert a headphone with a double plug (You can find this kind on the airplane) into a regular plug headphone?

  9. my Siberia V2 Steelseries left sides stop working, could this be the reason? :/

  10. When my phone was placed on a wet counter, I suddenly observed that the screen has water in it and the keyboard isn’t working properly, and I tried blow drying it and removed the battery for awhile for 8 hours, but then it got worse… the keypad doesn’t work anymore. IF I TRIED doing this does it really work. fvck I’m nervous :’l

  11. I’ve tired this three times, first with distilled water rinse and 91% alcohol rinse. Second) with just 100% alcohol rinse. Third) with distilled water rinse and 100% alcohol rinse….just like your protocol. Nothing…the track-ball moves around as it was to doing this protocol and when you click on anything no response, I can try one more time using the distilled water and 100% alcohol, as I did in the 3 method….but when should I give up?

  12. Hey Jason, I was going to bed two nights ago abt 2am(aprox 42 hours ago) I was exhausted and fatigued and I was plugging my phone in to charge for the night and not realizing put my blackberry curve into a cup that had water into it. It went up to about the top row of the keypad, I put it in rice the morning after when i realized what I had done, The phone turns on, The screen works fine and I still receive calls text etc, but the keypad doesn’t work, could this method of yours fix the keypad?

  13. If I tried another method and my phone has not been working for over a week, will this method still work?

  14. The red stickers that turntable red in ur phone are indicator that are usually white but turn red when the phone gets wet! It shows the blackberry people that the phone has been water damaged!

  15. Today i dropped my phone in a river, i got it out and quickly took the battery and sim out, i dried it out, then left it infront of a fan heater for about half an hour, i could see water in the screen, i put the battery & sim card back in, and the red light came on, and the keyboard flashed on, but the screen didnt come on, help?

  16. will this work for my blackberry bold 9650… i dropped it in about a inch of tea this past saturday. it works but not properly the keys work den they stop after a short while the whole phone didnt get wet JUST the keypad

  17. when you drop your blackberry in water there is a little sticker that turns red on the inside of the back case and also one on the bottom of the battery. my phones working but the sticker inside is red, is there a reason it turns red?

  18. I got my Blackberry 9860 wet on a night out, i dried it and left it in rice for about 17 hours, i have turned it on a few time in-between to see if it works, i found that the touch screen still works (its still a bit iffy) but none of the buttons work, meaning that when i go into an application for example, i can’t press the ‘return’ button and therefore have to take the battery out to get the the main menu. can you help?

  19. ok this is really embarrassing, but i need help, i dropped my phone in a toilet full of shit, now that cant be good, will these steps still work?

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