10 Best Must Have Android Apps for HTC One 2013

These are best must have application for htc one which will be very useful These apps will work perfectly on other applications too List of Application 1) Fi...

This battery usage was when the device was on 4.1.2... ..... 4.2.2 has since been released and seems to have made the battery a little worse :-( Check out my...
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30 thoughts on “10 Best Must Have Android Apps for HTC One 2013”

  1. z ultra is too big to carry..in specs ultra is more powerful but i would go
    for HTC ONE..as its powerful too and its design is awesome

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  3. My battery is losing 3% every 10 mins by just using
    pandora/facebook/txting. I heard most last 15-20 hours and I also heard
    that some phones may be defective. I also heard that the battery could get
    stronger after a few charges, so should I return mines or what?

  4. Hi.on my phone android system usage is 94% but on your phone it is 4%..and
    I have battery problem.what can i do?Now my phone is android 4.3.But on
    4.2.2 it was high too.

  5. thats gotta be a hardware defect , i would take it back if i were you ,
    should be lasting a lot longer.

  6. it should last you the day with that sort of usage , note i say ” should”
    some people have had horrible experiences, mine has been fine though

  7. thats odd, i just checked mine and its still there ? .. you can also pull
    down the shade from the top , spin to settings and its a toggle

  8. I just got an HTC One and I don’t have a power saver option! WTF? My
    software is up to date and the phone is about a week old.

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