16 thoughts on “20+ Tips and Tricks for the HTC One”

  1. i can switch my pages by dragging (verizon version) also can remove the
    camera from home screen. p.s. thanks for the vid it was really helpful!

  2. My only let down with my One is the Beats Audio. I was expecting some
    serious sound (for a phone). Well, while the quality is a tad better than
    my old iPhone 5, the volume isn’t any louder. In fact, my iPhone is
    actually a tad louder. Not a big deal, but I was hoping for some volume!

  3. I’m so glad you made this video. One of my main concerns, and this is
    probably really stupid, is that I was worried I wouldn’t have access to the
    camera from the lock screen. I’m ditching my iPhone for this phone and you
    just sealed the deal.

  4. My children who have I phones are all texting on one thread back and
    forth. They’ve added me and I get the text of the last person sending, and
    can only reply separately. How can I get the text on the same thread and
    reply on that same thread? I’m older so thus not very good with tech.

  5. can you get that awesome live weather widget that makes it rain on your
    phone when its raining like the old sense?

  6. my sony experia has a headphone jack but doesnt support many types of
    headphones, can use use other headphones with this or do you have to use
    the stock ones?

  7. I really like the camera, never seen one like this very outstanding. The
    phone its self is very different from any other phone out on the market.

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