20+ Tips and Tricks Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

20+ Tips and Tricks Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

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Samsung Gear S Tips and Tricks by FoneArena. http://www.fonearena.com/blog/ gives you some Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Gear S.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 thoughts on “20+ Tips and Tricks Samsung Galaxy Grand 2”

  1. I guess some of this info could be considered as “tips” but there are no
    tricks here in this vid folks. Everything mentioned in this vid are
    simply features that are in the documentation.. Oh btw the next time that
    you here someone doing a review say –> “these are some things that I
    found in the first few days using the Gears S” you shouldn’t get too
    excited about learning tricks ABOUT IT OK.

    There are enough documented “features” in this smartwatch/phone to keep a
    knew owner busy learning them for about a month or two.

  2. Just got mine and I have to say this is amazing! I did notice that I don’t
    pick up my phone near as much anymore. lol 

  3. Krish Krithik, its IP 67 rated, I wouldn’t swim deeper than 3 feet for more
    than a half an hour. You can find accessories on Amazon.

  4. Can you make calls without bluetooth? Like just talk and listen to the
    voice from the speakers of the watch?

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