37 thoughts on “5 Cool Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Tricks”

  1. It honestly took me two minutes to figure out he was a dude…
    Not trying to insult anyone just stating a fact.

  2. dude your phone is broken for sure cz it doesn’t work for me the first feature .. i think this is not a feature it’s a problem with the phone


  4. Thanks again for the help videos 10/10 to you. Don’t worry about the dickheads on here hiding behind their keyboards giving you stick if they fell in a vat of tits they’d still come out sucking their thumbs.

  5. cool…..thanks for your 5th feature….its nice one….but the 1st feature is not working on my phone…can u help me for that…Thanks.

  6. Hi.. yesterday I got an update of software its 4.2.2 in grand duos. After the update iam not able to go through the motion options like shake to update or double tap on top to get the 1st contact. Can u help me how I will get them and where. . Please..

  7. I want to know, compared to the S duos, is this much faster in responding because of it having a dual-core, and after using the grand duos over time, will the phone start to lag out and respond slowly or have its default speed?

  8. If i swipe my hand while playing video its not getting to edit mode. Please say me how to do it ??? .. do i have to Change any settings for this ?? … Plz reply asap ..

    Thank and regards,

  9. hello can u help me? did you guys encounter in the samsung grand that the names in the messages/conversation became “Anonymous”? then after that when you open again the message, there are no messages or conversation left.. what will i do? did you encounter this also?? thanks!

  10. Que celular mal acabado é este?horroroso parece celular chines. tudo nele é plastico de segunda categoria.
    Comprei um e já me desfiz dele graças a Deus!

    isso é uma opniao minha. Goste quém gostar mais sou verdadeira.

  11. tell her to delete some apps and to use nq booster/clean master daily….
    i have alot of apps [ like only 500 mb left in phone memory] and my sd card is also full of videos and backup still i don’t lag….

  12. there are videos on tab 3 7.0 & 8.0, check the channel. if you are okay with an 8″ display, then try tab 3 8.0, otherwise grand duos is better than tab 3 7.0

  13. dear gadgets portal,do you have any videos of samsung galaxy tab3?and a video comparison of galaxy tab3 and galaxy grand duos?
    i hope you can help me make a choice of which samsung galaxy gadgets i should purchase…thanks a lot and more power on your videos….

  14. im giong to get this mobile shortly how is the battary back up
    lol how is the gaming opition how the dual sim works some says it get hang wen a call come to sim two while v wer talking in sim 1 please give me correct answer

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