5 Moto X Tips & Tricks!

Moto X is my daily driver. Here are some tips from experience! Customization: http://motomaker.com Moto X Review: http://youtu.be/CJTlB_S7ct0 Moto X Features...
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Question by : Recovering deleted videos on a motorola rival?
Hi, is there a way to recover deleted videos on a motorola rival? Had to delete some to make space, accidentally deleted an important one

Best answer:

Answer by Jack Wade
Hi, there

Were your videos save in the mass memory card of your motorola phone? If yes, it's highly possible to recover them.

The best way is to rely on a professional video recovery software to help. I think Wondershare Photo Recovery - Video Recovery might help. Video file format like AVI, WAV, MIDI, MOV, MPG, MP4, and FLV.……are all supported. You may get this program here,

One more tip: before your video files are recoverd, better not save more files to your phone memory card in case the new data will overwrite the original data.

Best regards

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15 thoughts on “5 Moto X Tips & Tricks!”

  1. New MKBHD Video is live! This little thing burst onto the scene and made a
    lot of noise. Here are some tips from experience.

    *5 Moto X Tips & Tricks!*

    Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoy!

  2. Lmbo. When you said “Ok Goole now” my Goole thought it was me saying. Thank
    for so of those tips bro.

  3. i dont use a moto x but that tip about the window animation transition 0.5x
    was really helpful! thanks!

  4. My favorite feature has to be the Trusted Devices tool. I’m hoping to
    acquire a wearable bluetooth device that will keep the phone unlocked
    whenever it’s in my proximity but automatically password protects the
    screen when it’s away from me.

  5. Do you know if the unlocked Moto X’s come with a wifi hotspot which
    doesn’t require an extra data subscription from AT&T and T-Mobile?

  6. The moto x looks almost exactly the same as the Samsung galaxy nexus just
    comes in different colors :(

  7. Got my moto x all black in the store, clean as hell, but the custom color
    shit seems coo but seems like a marketing tool for kids, kinda how apple
    did with the iphone 5c, but that’s just my opinion

  8. Got the Moto X in white today, it’s soooo smooth and the touchless controls
    and active notifications are absolutely amazing… coming from an iPhone 4S
    I am extremely pleased

  9. Just a suggestion but…

    Wireless Charging! <<< Help me find a hack for this, please for anyone out there! Expandable Memory! Anyways is it possible to overclock this phone, and if so will there be a nice median between performance and idle, I think it’ s time to get to work. But I’m sure to buy the next hardware update of the Moto X. And I do expect much more innovation and updates for this. Tell me what you guys think, lets build a possibility list for the next phone, eh?

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