8 MORE tips and tricks for your iPhone

Just 8 more tips and tricks for your iPhone. This is more aimed to help optimize your iPhone and save you time! Thanks for watching and please subscribe to m...

Question by Hanna: What is the Rice trick to repairing phones dropped in water?
I dropped my Iphone in the water 19 hours ago, and many people say that if that it soaks in rice it will come back to live? Is this true or is my Iphone dead..?!

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6 thoughts on “8 MORE tips and tricks for your iPhone”

  1. Hey Bro thanks for the tips I already knew most of those but I didn’t know
    about “airplane” thing. I wear out the reminder app. Its possibly the
    handest thing on my phone that I use constantly. I do forget that I even
    have Siri though. She is slow some times and I get impatient and just do
    the reminders manually most of the time. Thanks for the vid,good job :-)

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