BlackBerry 7 OS Tips and Tricks – HD Video Recording

BlackBerry 7 OS Tips and Tricks - HD Video Recording

BlackBerry 7 OS is the power behind the BlackBerry Torch, Curve and Bold smartphones. Watch the videos and discover what BlackBerry 7 can do! Find out more a...

Question by Bob B™: How does the Blackberry Pearl work?
If I get one, will I be able to have my Y! Mail sent automatically to it?

Can I surf the "real" internet?

Any other tips and tricks I should know about before I make a decision? I'm going with Verizon, BTW.

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Answer by Stuart
I would highly recommend getting Either the Curve, or the Pearl, The only difference between the two, is the Curve has a Full QWERTY Keyboard and bigger screen.

Yes you can get Yahoo mail directly to your pearl, Aslong as you sign up for a plan that includes E-Mail. There is also Yahoo Chat you can use aswell.

As for internet, You can surf 3G. Its way faster than normal mobiles. Right now there is a browser being developed called "Bolt Browser" and it is supposed to speed up surfing by 50% or something.

Some amazing things you can do with the blackberry are things like, Themes(You can download complete themes to change everything on your phone from fonts to icons) You are able to set the font type and size for reading messages, and when youre reading a message, it shows the past 7, 10, 15 messages back and forth between you and the person you are talking to

I would suggest you sign up at a site like or and look around there for some more information =)

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    Indonesia is a beautiful country though…

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