Question by Macattackle: BLACKBERRY 8300 HELP?
i just got an old silver blackberry and i used to have an iphone
i have a data plan but the old blackberry i have is used and i want to log out of the bbm
i shoukld have bbm since i have a data plan right?
i want to delete everything on the phone because my iphone didnt save any of my contatcs to the sim card?
how do i delete everything?
and should i have bbm?
how can you log out of bbm?
any blackberry tips in general?

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Answer by Danny
Go back to iphone or droid. I have a blackberry for four years and there isn't anything special with them at all. The processor sucks and all they are good at is receiving emails. They just mess up to easily and don't last long at all. Sorry but i do still like my BB but if I can change I would.

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