Blackberry 8330 tips and tricks?

Question by mr.greene23: Blackberry 8330 tips and tricks?
Just got the curve and feel like I'm missing out on my phones capibilities I herd some thing about blackberry chat?

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Answer by xavier c
download the blackberry app store. from your bb, go to

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Question by : Blackberry bold 9900 battery doesn't last long at all. any tips?
I have the blackberry bold 9900 and the battery is terrible. Is this just my phone? Is there any tips?

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Answer by Joe
not just your phone. blackberry relied on the new os7 being very fast and therefore not using as much battery. also they made battery smaller to give a slimmer sleeker phone. both ideas failed in my opinion. you can download a free battery saver from apps world, reduce the screens brightness, and turn off all vibrate alerts. or you can go one step further and buy an extended battery. type in google "bold 9900 extended battery"

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  1. Blackberry messenger, which is simply texting from Blackberry to Blackberry…

    I’ve had mine for a couple months, and I find something new nearly every day…

    Play with it and see what you can get it to do… Download Blackberry App. World. There are several cool free apps, and the majority of the rest are pretty cheap.

    I came to the Curve from the Treo755… There are things this will do the other phone wouldn’t and there are things the other would do that this won’t… Thus far it’s been a pretty good trade off.

    I also would look at getting “Bolt” it’s a browser for the phone, it is far better than the BB, browser. Keep an eye out for Skyfire, it’s supposed to even be better than Bolt. It’s still in Allpha testing, so it should be available for Beta soon. Then there’s always Opera Mini, which I never liked, but it still works better than the BB Browser.

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