Blackberry 8700G Cellphone?

Question by TatorMuffin08: Blackberry 8700G Cellphone?
Will a Blackberry 8700g cellphone work myfaves for t-mobile?

(it's a t-mobile phone.. but still unsure if it will be myfaves capable)

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Answer by elexperto
Use this list of guides for any of your BB needs - very helpful and free..........

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Question by samia love: blackberry curve!!!?
i want to get a blackerry curve but i dont no if it is a good phone so if you have any pointers or tips please let me no and dont worry about the price!

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Answer by Honey buns
The BlackBerry Curve is awesome! As a matter of fact, I'm typing out this answer on MY BlackBerry Curve! The internet speed it gives you is amazing and the keyboard is waaaay convinient. Another great feature of the Blackberry Curve is its many media and organization features. Getting mail notifications are also a huge plus. The camera quality is also amazing. I highly recomment it. As far as battery life goes, I am a heavy internet and texting addict and am always using it from the time I get to school till iget home. And at the end of the day, I am left with two or three (out of 5) battery meters left. So the battery lasts a long time unlike other phones.

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  1. The 8700g is not a myFavs compatible phone. The BlackBerrys that are myFavs compatible are the 8100 Pearl, 8320 Curve and 8800.

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