Blackberry 9320 Armstrong Tips And Tricks

Blackberry 9320 Armstrong Tips And Tricks

Blackberry 9320 Armstrong Tips And Tricks SUBSCRIBE! the link! "Blackberry 9320 a...
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This is my second video with some tips and tricks for the Blackberry Storm Leave comments, rate, if you have any questions feel free to email me at njdevilfa...
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21 thoughts on “Blackberry 9320 Armstrong Tips And Tricks”

  1. awesome video, keep up the good work. I wonder if you have upgraded to
    .141? Could to show a video on how to upgrade to a leaked OS? That would be
    really helpful.

  2. Backlight timeout actually does make a difference. If you have your
    brightness set to 100 and have the timeout set to 5 seconds, it would be
    pretty much the same thing as having it set to 10 on brightness and 30
    seconds on timeout.

  3. open browser Blackberry menu > home This will take you to VZW homepage. go
    to get apps and download my verizon it will tell you ur dat usage

  4. The keyboard thing was in the manual ive heard in a another overall should
    i get a iphone 3gs black berry storm or a my touch 3g

  5. The LED coverage indicator is a basic LED that draws less than 1 milliamp.
    It will make no difference at all to turn that off.

  6. i just got this phone and there is nothing in the books that came with the
    phone to helped me as much as you just did. thanks and keep up the good
    work because i know that there are other people that need your help with
    this phone

  7. does any1 know how to check how much data u’ve used during ur month? I know
    the iphone gives it on the phone but I can’t seem to figure out how its
    done on the bb storm

  8. anyone know how to set a wallpaper for the landscape view when you turn it
    on its side and lock it? or is there even a way to

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