Blackberry Curve 8520 Take Apart & LCD Screen Repair - Blackberry Curve 8520 & 8530 Take Apart & LCD Screen Repair video guide. This shows how to open your Blackberry Smartphone and install replacement parts to repair your phone safely. All replacement parts and repair tools shown can be found below. http
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Question by steelgrunge: color deficiency in the army?
I have been dealing with meps personnel for two months and am still trying to get my color vision code changed I went to an ophthalmologist who very comprehensive eye exams for color vision and eye exam I am 20/20 in each eye and the color vision is a mild red green color deficiency basically what that means is that I can't tell the minute differences between hues of red or green but I can discriminate red and green it self I knew that given that I am currently employed for a major tele communications conglomerate which requires me to install or repair phone and cable T.V components which are all color coded primary phone pairs are always red and green in jacks and in the phone cable blue white red white green white ect. I have no problem doing this since I can do a phone repair in about 20 mins with out a problem or confusion with the color wires My recruiter sent off the letter to meps but since they already said I had flat feet and a podiatrist determined that their diagnosis was wrong I had meps change it after a long battle and another examination what are the chance that meps will change this I have been having problems with them and my medical since the beginning finally to determine that my pulhes is All 1's I really want to go 11b with airborne I can tell the difference between lights so don't give any of that I have had a thorough examination already pay attention to anyone not listening I am just having a hard time with them budging on anything I just need them to change from no colorblind to red/green and them im good to go as the career councilor explained to me along with the rock people how can I get these people to change this it seem like they don't want to believe you when you tell them even though you went to a specialist for that particular condition like the flat foot thing for instance how can I have them understand I sent off the letter signed by the o ophthalmologist(eye doctor specializing in eye disease and conditions such as this) not to be confused with an optometrist they are different so none of that I just want real answers I want to know what I can do to have them understand these finding we sent it off last week and still no answer does anyone know? and yes I can discriminate red green just in case anyone skipped to the end.

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Answer by Dragging Canoe
Find a recruiter not making his quota....or go to a recruiting area not making its mission, usually in the North Eastern US. Maybe they can make things happen.

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  1. hi! how can i fix my blackberry 8520 phone? when i open the phone it still hang up i don’t know what to do! tnx

  2. @YU2tubepoop No, they are not cross compatible. You will need the correct version screen for your phone. You can find the Blackberry replacement screens at RepairsUniverse (dot) com

  3. @eboy40 You don’t need glue for the LCD repair only if you are replacing the lens. If you purchase the lens replacements from RepairsUniverse (dot) com we include the adhesive strips free of charge.

  4. @CharlyGK7 Yes, you can find the pry tools, torx screwdrivers and the blackberry replacement parts at RepairsUniverse (dot) com

  5. @VotreCauchemar You don’t need to take it off. Once the LCD is removed you’ll be able to see that part number. It will start LCD-

  6. Of course, I was talking about the external lens, not of the phone :). The question was: can I reinstall the same external lens I’ve just pulled out after th cleaning operation? :)

  7. @edoardoferrarini Oh c’mon! a new one? you gotta be kidding me U_U just buy the external lens and change it! >_<

  8. But the lcd is covered with a metal box or something like that… how can I take it off to see the version of the lcd??

  9. ThanX ALOT Bro !! I Had This Reeeeally Annoying Dust Between The Sceen And The Lens … But Now It’s As Good As New !! I’ll Subs And Thumbs Up And Share On FaceBook !!

  10. Hi. I would like to clean the dust between the lens and the screen. Can I reinstall the lens back or I’ve got to buy a new one?

  11. @lup3fiazc0 It depends what version you need. All version can be found at RepairsUniverse (dot) com

  12. @Luissa18 HI,

    You need to open your phone and check your LCD screens part number. You then need to purchase the matching screen.

  13. Hi! My display died so I entered to your website and i’d like to know… mmm .. How do I know If my blackberry is:
    Version 001/004, 002/004 or 005/004?
    Thank you! :)

  14. i replaced the lens on my blackberry but im not sure if i took too much out?? is the lens very thin when you take it off or does it have 2 layers to it?

  15. i replaced the lens on my blackberry but im not sure if i took too much out?? is the lens very thin when you take it off or does it have 2 layers to it?

  16. Hey i bought a screen and its 005/004 GSM lcd for my blackberry how do i know thats the right version for it

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