Blackberry Curve Tricks?

Question by Halo 3 Man: Blackberry Curve Tricks?
I got a new Blackberry Curve and need some cool tricks to do on it..... will give Top Answer to best trick...

Best answer:

Answer by Jason
while in your e-mail, hold down ALT S and it will only show you your text messages

you can change the side buttom links with options!

While watching a video pressing the SYM key will toggle between player view and Full Screen.

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2 thoughts on “Blackberry Curve Tricks?”

  1. How to make your Curve Sit:
    1. Vigorously throw Blackberry to the ground (the harder the surface, the better).
    2. Approach the Blackberry and stand in front of it.
    3. Raise right hand to face level with fingers extended (similar to nazi salute)
    4. With authority, tell Blackberry to “Sit”.
    5. After Blackberry completes trick, award Blackberry small treat.

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