Blackberry memory card faulty!?

Question by : Blackberry memory card faulty!?
Hi everybody

I got an 8GB memory card, and it wont work!

When i connect my phone to my laptop it says "would you like to scan and fix blackberry?", i select that option and it says there is nothing wrong but the format is different so it may seem to have errors. (i tried this with many laptops)

After i disconnect it from my laptop it shows a message saying "a media card has been inserted that contains errors. Do you wish to repair the media card now?" then a yes / no option. when i say no, the message disappears, when i say yes an option saying "if lost clusters are found during the repair, do you want to save them?" pops up,, if i select yes or no, it still says repair failed. i have tried removing everything and putting it back, and numerous other things, yet it still wont work.

The memory card was purchased from a registered shop, it is a SanDisk product, 8GB..

Nothing on this card is in my libarys, no music, pictures etc.

Pleaseeeee help in anyway possible.. All tips will be great.

Thanks :)

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Answer by Denver
blackberries contains lot of errors. try to connect the memory card using some other way like using a memory card reader or non blackberry phone etc.

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