Blackberry Pearl 8100t?

Question by Quesadilla: Blackberry Pearl 8100t?
Hello! I just bought a blackberry pearl and I was wondering how can i download ringtones and games? It is a bit difficult for me so if you have any tips on how to use it please let me know!

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Answer by fiyahboy28
i don't have a pearl, but i do have a blackberry curve (8130) and there's several sites out there to get free ringtones and graphics. Check out from your pearl, just make sure you have the proper data plan or go to on your PC and download your ringtones and graphics from there via blackberry desktop manager.

As for using the pearl, keep this in mind: Blackberry is like using a completely different OS system on a computer. In other words, if most people are used to using a Windows based computer then they aren't accustomed to a Mac Notebook. It's an acquired taste in a sense. The key to using a blackberry is to explore the different icons many of which you may not even use, but just see what each one does.

There are five MAIN buttons on blackberries. The Talk button, The End call button, the Options key which is very important and Return Key and the Pearl. The rest just flows.

The most commonly asked question is how to bluetooth or receive ringtones/graphics via bluetooth. Just make sure you save the person thats sending you something first in your bluetooth add device list and then go to your media folder and click your Options key and scroll down to receive using bluetooth and the rest is history.

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