blackberry pearl question?

Question by Phil S: blackberry pearl question?
i have a black berry pearl and i was wondering how to turn the radio on because when i try to send a text message it says "cannot send message radio is off do you wish to save to drafts"

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Answer by Anthony W
Go to menu screen and turn off airplane mode. Recharge your battery. Or Manage your connections

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Question by locked_: blackberry phone. do you like it? pros and cons.?
i just ordered a blackberry phone off ebay. i am using sprint service. i will get my phone around wednesday if i am lucky. is the blackberry a good phone. any like expierences with one? fill me in peoples.

Pros and Cons Please.

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Answer by manny.freitas
Blackberry's are the best phones you will ever own. I have used hundreds of phones, but never have found any I like better than the blackberry. I currently use an 8830 model from Verizon and love it. Takes a little while to learn all the shortcuts and tricks, but is well worth it. You made a good choice.

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