Blackberry Phones, IMPORTANT tips on saving Battery Life

This is a video on some useful tips to conserve your blackberry battery ensuring you are getting the full battery life from your phone. . Please Comment, Rat...
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End Date: Saturday Jan-20-2018 15:51:43 PST
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19 thoughts on “Blackberry Phones, IMPORTANT tips on saving Battery Life”

  1. @MauricioARG13 yes it will send you home but im talking about exiting the
    web page completely you need to close the page if you go to home the
    internet will still be running

  2. I have been doing all of the tips in ur video already…. but the one
    useful tip that I totally forgot about was the standby mode…. so
    thanks…. 😀

  3. @jjr1123 – I purcased mine on you can get it for around 40-50
    dollars with shipping. just search Blackberry curve 8530 Extended-Life
    Battery. Hope that helps its great

  4. @theSCclub its your gps go to the menu screen/options/advanced option/gps
    and turn it off use only when you need extends batt life

  5. what i did was set the brightness all the way down. its still clear and
    bright on the lowest so its still good :}

  6. in the first tips cant u go to “”GO TO”” on the web in options and it well
    send u staight home and not press close

  7. @MaoamsAreEvil awww shit lmao…its working now….but it does that often,
    i thought it was the battery…

  8. @2010jhlopez thank you soo much….i thought it was just me…how do you
    reset it back to default settings??

  9. Hey guys one more way to ensure you get the most out of your battery is to
    let it completely drain before you charge it. I have no clue why that would
    make it last longer but so many people have told me that and I live 20 mins
    away from Waterloo, where RIM is so as you may imagine this is blackberry
    country where I am.

  10. erxtended life battery it is available on runs at about 35.00 to
    40.00 makes a big difference

  11. hey buddy i am having a 8520. when i press the mute button for a couple of
    seconds ,the phones gets locked insted of stand by.? help me plaese ..

  12. i charge my battery for about 25 minutes and i do evrything like go on
    music, fb, email, text, call, and it last for about 5 hours

  13. @winLinOSX , well yea thats the problem i have with my phone and a couple
    friends have the same phone and have the same issue with the battery, maybe
    your just not using it to the extend that i am :/ im always on it

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