Blackberry pie: How do I avoid soggy bottom crust?

Question by GEORGE: Blackberry pie: How do I avoid soggy bottom crust?
I can't seem to combine juicy blackberries and firm (not pastey tasting) crust. Any tips?

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Answer by purplepink52
first, don't use glass baking dish @ pie pan. pre-bake pie crust @ shell , just long enough to make it not gooey. best i can do for now. good luck

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5 thoughts on “Blackberry pie: How do I avoid soggy bottom crust?”

  1. Use the pre-bake trick;

    Fit the pastry into a pie dish. Brush dough with a beaten egg and place into the oven for approx 5 minutes. The egg is going to form a sort of moisture barrier against the seeping juices of the berries. Watch if the crust starts to bubble, if so, gently push down with a spoon – the trick is to NOT pierce the crust.

    Remove and allow to cool slightly while you make your filling. Make sure you use enough thickening for the amount of berries you are putting into your pie. Personally I grew up using raw tapioca beads instead of flour in my fruit pies and it works a charm – consult the package and it will tell you how much to use to thicken pie fillings.


  2. Prebake bottom shell until it’s firm (not totally cooked through). Place some baking beads on it, to avoid bubbles from forming. This will make it be crisp when you fill it out.

  3. Brush it with butter and sprinkle a little browned flour over it before adding the berries. i have found that this usually does the trick

  4. Mix tapioca in with the berries. About a couple of tablespoons should do the trick. Works wonders with blueberry pie.

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