14 thoughts on “BlackBerry PlayBook Tips and Tricks, How to’s, Shortcuts”

  1. there is nothing wrong with that if you take that film off you are giving
    opportunity to Asian products to flood around the world.Think wisely. Now
    all the money from the west flow to the east by making purchase. You are
    getting poor lol.East is getting richer.I am an east born now in the west.

  2. @MrRationalize I just placed an order for Amzer 90548 Anti-Glare Screen
    Protector. Lol you’re comment is really funny :) You got 7 likes,oops make
    that 8 forgot to include my vote.

  3. The wallpaper you see in the video look horrible when viewed from the
    pictures folder. Its 1024×1024 size. The wallpaper that you see here is the
    streached version. :)

  4. ive tried to organize my picture folders better by making folders inside
    subject folders. i can do this, but it seems to have no effect on the BB
    itself, instead showing all the original foolders. example: Projects>
    outdoors. the bb shows outdoors and projects as seperate folders, instead
    of outdoors being hidden inside the projects folder…

  5. @ADozeneggsFilms I synced my entire itunes library using blackberry desktop
    manager. U don’t need to buy an app for that if u havent already.

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