Blackberry Playbook Tips & Tricks Guide

All you need to know about the Blackberry Playbook!
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Question by A Sudden Injury: Are there any cool tips or tricks to pimp out a blackberry pearl?
Something like a sick theme, or maybe keypad LED color change. I really want to do something cool. I have the trackball recolored to blue, and I have the iPhone theme. But I want to do more.

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Answer by CrackBerry Addict
There isn't a way to change the keypad LED with software, as far as I know. You can look at to see some other themes available for your Pearl.

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14 thoughts on “Blackberry Playbook Tips & Tricks Guide”

  1. If i know what you are talking about, that just lets you know there is a message or notification!

  2. It just means you have some unread notifications :)

    It goes away after you view your notifications

  3. why was the top left hand corner of your screen red? mine is red at the same corner ? could someone help me?

  4. Much appreciated your precise and direct tips. They are superior to BlackBerry’s some long and boring videos. Thanks again.

  5. hey buddy how about doing a more advanced video, getting into some of the native apps, bridge functions, etc.

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