BlackBerry Q10 TIPS and TRICKS, Tutorial & Review Part 1 – Gadgets Portal SPECIAL

This is a special review on the new BlackBerry Q10 SmartPhone running on the BlackBerry 10.1 OS. I have shown all the Tips and Tricks in depth introduced by ...

Question by Oscar L: how can i transfer videos to blackberry pearl?
i have media manager it transfers but it dont work, whats the trick?

Best answer:

Answer by Sweet Mike
The video have to be avi format. it is the only format the BB can handle.

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20 thoughts on “BlackBerry Q10 TIPS and TRICKS, Tutorial & Review Part 1 – Gadgets Portal SPECIAL”

  1. Thanks man. Be careful to not attempt to speak over background noise such
    as music and audio coming from your speakers. Other than that its great
    thank you so much

  2. Great video. I’ve had my BlackBerry for almost 2 months now & I love it.
    Thanks for the shortcuts. (;

  3. I think Sukesh is coming out with a very special video of the OPTIMUS G
    PRO very soon. Just wait and see. Mostly tonight or maybe tomorrow. So
    subscribe to this channel to keep in touch. because gadgetsportal gives the
    best reviews of indian marketed devices. not once not twice but always.
    just you be sure about that and hang in there buddy.

  4. Lol I love the Q10 phone as I am using BB Bold for texting along with
    Android . But the insane not so competetive price by RIM is drving me away
    from this phone..

  5. It took a while to understand you through your accent but I caught on. You
    really know the phone better than the salespeople where i bought it ( they
    all go for the iphones, but I still prefer Blackberry’s organizational set
    up) Very informative>

  6. I learned so much in just a few minutes. I just bought my BlackBerry Q10 4
    days ago and I’m loving it even more thanks to you!

  7. Dear Mr Banik, I am looking for a hybrid (laptop+tab) with SIM/Micro SIM
    card slot (especially in tab), 3G or higher capability, for use on the go
    as I travel extensively. Thanks AN

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