Blackberry Q10/Z10/Q5 Hub trick (refreshing the hub)

How to refresh the blackberry q10 notification hub, quick tips and tricks of the q10. In this we swpied from the top right corner to the centre of the screen...

Question by jbennettmsa: on data on bill?
I viewed my bill through AT&T and noticed a few sent messages that read " 05/03 03:58 AM Internet/MEdia Net Sent 17KB " It seems to mostly happen late at night and it is only sent nothing received. I have called customer support and still nothing. Anybody else know what this is?
I have 2 emails set up to send through webmail. AOL and my work email.
I am on unlimited, I'm not worried about them charging me. I am just curious as to what this is just for general knowledge.

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Answer by perfectvelvet
Do you have your email synced or anything else synced? I have Yahoo Go on my phone, and it was logging onto Yahoo ever 30 minutes to download updates for the news, lol -- and it drained the battery life very quickly. Check to make sure your email or Yahoo or a game isn't syncing to the Internet, and if it is, turn it off.

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  1. i also have the same problem with zero notification. After a few reset I
    realize that im a truly forever alone…

  2. well subscribe to me and follow on twitter you will get notifications from
    me! lol no one is alone! :)

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