Blackberry Tips – Spell Check

Blackberry Tips - Spell Check

Darci LaRocque from Swirl Solutions stops by to show you how to turn on the Spell Check function on your Blackberry. Episode 5 - Office Place Oasis
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Question by Tina H: I have a T-Mobile Blackberry - with insurance coverage for lost or damaged equipment - tips please?
I need to know if it is better to say that I just lost the device (it is working but the pearl ball jams all the time (and yes, I tried all the tricks - does not work). I would have to pay $ 100 either way.

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Answer by Link
Say YOU LOST it. Or else, they will tell you to send it to them.

Trust me I know about this.

Because my friend lies to his insurance company all the time and he got like 3 new blackberrys LOL

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  1. Thanks for your comments. Your right – if speed is important then it is probably not a good idea to enable the spell check. However, if proper spelling is critical (i.e emailing your boss or client), then it is probably a good idea to enable it on. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference.

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