blackberry transplanting?

Question by taste_my_cottoncandy: blackberry transplanting?
i have some blackberry plants that i need to move in my yard and i was wondering if there was any good websites or tips to help me move them and not kill them ^_^ any help would be great
if it matters at all i live in Maine

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Answer by The Muse

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4 thoughts on “blackberry transplanting?”

  1. You really don’t need a website. Blackberries are very easy to transplant. The will root from their tips too so you can replant them, bend them over and cover the tips with a little dirt (or not) and you will have more plants. It is really hard to screw them up.

  2. Unfortunately, The Muse provided you with a State of CA web site. In Central and Northern CA the most predominant blackberry is extremely hearty and nearly impossible to get rid of. There are several different “families” of blackberries – some grow on the east coast and some on the west.

    Your best bet would be to contact your local agriculture extension office (in CA it is a division of whatever county you are located).

    Good luck!

  3. Best time to move them is right after the spring thaw. If you do it now they won’t have a chance to establish themselves before the winter freeze. Cut them back so the roots don’t have so much vegetation to feed as they start over again.

  4. I have thorn less blackberries that have been in my family for forty years and they need to be transplanted. To two different households my daughters and sons. Fourth generation plants.
    Others have tried and failed so I am using this method this time.
    I have been told that blackberries are hard to kill so anytime except during the mid summer heat and dry would be OK. The proper and best time would be fall after September 10th. Don’t wait too late as we want them to have some establishment time before winter comes
    Blackberries prefer full sun that is another reason I will be moving some.
    After transplant if it doesn’t rain at least once a week water them until the rainy season begins.

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