BlackBerry Z10: Customize Your Z10 Tips & Tricks

Make your BlackBerry Z10 your own. These tips and tricks will teach you how to name your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, customize your app layout and setup speed...
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Question by omgitzandre: Blackberry Torch wont play music through car stereo on aux?
Alright, this is really quite frustrating. My blackberry plays music just fine through headphones and my home system, but when i try to connect it to my car system through the aux jack, it just plays through the phone speakers. There is no option on the menu to "Activate Headset". I know it is not the cable or anything to do with my car system because my friends ipod plays through it perfectly fine. Hell, when I plug the blackberry in you can even hear the little noise it makes through speakers when you plug something in the aux. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Answer by BadMoFo
Steal your friend's ipod.

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  1. Not sure where you got that information, but BlackBerry designs their own curcuit boards. I find it impressive that the BB10 OS is faster on duo core than the Android OS with quad core. BB10 is brand new and already more efficient than iOS and Android at handling process requests and actually does multitasking, instead pausing everything else. good on BB for setting the stage on what mobile computing needs to be, from uere on in.

  2. When I was looking forward to buying the new BlackBerry Z10, I am now hesistant. As many other new phones have been released like the HTC ONE X, Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3, and the list goes on with their higher end specs. Seems BlackBerry is lagging behind at this area. Since most phones are now built with the “premium feel” and “better camera technology” than what is currently present in BlackBerry phones. This seems like the situation always, BlackBerry last to introduce with last years specs.

  3. gave up my S3 for the Z10. BB10 is a way better OS and doesnt require as much hardware requirements to run quick than Android.

  4. boooooo blackberry……i just send my z10 for warranty fix…..what a shame……11 day buy make problem zzzzzzzzz procceser or batery make it so hot fell it wan blow i

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