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Question by Axxxx: Blackberry Internet in India
I have a T-Mobile blackberry from USA (it is unlocked). I have an Airtel SIM card to use in India when I visit there. I read about the trick to change APN settings with Airtel to access Internet. My question is, you would still get charged for using Data, right? Is there a data/internet plan I can buy to achieve that. Is it what's called "Airtel Mobile Office"? In short, I am looking for something similar to what I do with T-Mobile here in USA. I have T-Zones for $ 6 a month and done the trick for APN settings and use internet unlimited for free (not really- pay $ 6 for T-Zones). Is there a similar plan for Airtel in India? Thanks in advance.
Nicole K...I already have a Blackberry

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Answer by Nicolle K
why spend money on a blackberry when you can get it for free? just go to this site and complete a few quick tasks and they'll send you one - at no charge!

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