15 thoughts on “Broken cell phone screen repair – Cell phone repair review – Phone 818.284.4644”

  1. I think this was very informative n the girl in the video seems to be
    pleased. I decided to read some of you guys reviews n thoughts. Some of
    you guys are just effin idiots! The girl did mention that she was going to
    have them change the color of her cell phone cause she no longer wanted it
    to be white face. My opinion…….Listen to the video before making
    childish remarks and if you still find yourself wanting to critique someone
    else’s work, try posting your own video and let’s find your flaws!!!

  2. Wait a minute….you sent a broken white phone out for repair and it came
    back black. Sure its the same phone?´╗┐

  3. you guys should check out the “Delta Regis” Electric Screwdrivers that are
    designed for cell phone repair.

  4. About the dumbest person I’ve ever read a comment posted by . . . Not like
    screens come in different colors or anything . . . TECHTARD . ..

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