Cajun Cell phone repair diet Rant

Cajun Cell phone repair diet Rant

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Question by tigger_dakota: Is there a way to do a reverse look up on a cellphone number?
The phone repair guy that just left my office is super cute. While he was here he called our office with his personal cell phone. We have caller id so now I have his number but not his name. Is there anyway to do a reverse look-up to get his name?

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Answer by ?
No there is no way to reverse look up for free. Just call him back and ask im sure he wouldnt mind.

David Elliott

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15 thoughts on “Cajun Cell phone repair diet Rant”

  1. I got it!! You sound like FogHorn LegHorn!
    An ass kick’n, Cajun spit’n, R-rated FogHorn LegHorn.
    All the more reason to love ya.

  2. LMFAO!! You’re friggin’ nuts.

    Can I send you my neighbor’s kid? His phone is okay, but he needs some serious adjustment. Possibly an overhaul. Maybe even a remanufacture…

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  4. You been smokin craola’s JB. Settle down it’ll be ok.. Make you some Gumbo or have you a couple of Pops. You startin to worry me cher ! Hope your ok, stress is not good for people our age. lol Listen to me when I’m talkin to you Boy !!! lol

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