can I unlock a sony ericsson k800i locked to orange?

Question by daniel c: can I unlock a sony ericsson k800i locked to orange?

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Answer by Adam F
If you mean can you use a different services sim card other then orange with your sony ericsson phone the answer is probably. I recently had the same situation on a sony ericsson T226 and I had to bring it to a cell phone store that was not affiliated with one particular service provider and they made it compatible with the service I was looking to use. The trick is finding a store like that. If you call around to some of the "shiftier" stores and ask them if they are capable of unlocking the phone then I am sure you will come across one. The cost of this service is typically about $ 35. If you are in NYC then look no further. I can tell you where I got mine done.

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  1. Orange are extra difficult because alot of the time they done use sim cards,but at the same time anything is possible but you will have to pay and you will need to work out if its worth paying or just getting another phone.

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