Can unlocking a phone, damage or ruin it?

Question by BJ Penn: Can unlocking a phone, damage or ruin it?
I bought a Blackberry recently and now I need it unlocked. It's expensive and I am going to get it done in phone repair shops. Just wondering, can it damage the phone? Will it make a difference in it's performance?

Anymore information is much appreciated.

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Answer by Steve N
No, no damage no performance change. It's also not expensive. I've never paid more than $ 15 for an unlock. Before you unlock it, make sure it's comaptible with the carrier you want to bring it to.

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  1. U can unlock a phone for free if u know how. The unlock code is hiddin in files in the phone. But dont do this unless u know how. If u put the code in wrong 3 times it locks the phone for good. Throw it away. This serves no purpose unless u r changing providers. Then the phone may not interrupte the signals as it should and can slow down the phone.

  2. Phone repair shops are using the same methods you can use online… they simple charge 3-4 times bigger price for the service… but they also use online remote unlocking services..
    Some of the professionals are running their own services but they won’t charge much for unlocking.

    Anyways, i got my Blackberry Bold 9900 and a few more Blackberry phones unlocked by myself using Blackberry unlocking service online.

    I used where you can unlock any Blackberry model from any carrier for $ 10.99 USD so it’s very cheap to unlock your Blackberry online, you can also get the instructions for each model and how to use the unlock code to get your Blackberry unlocked… the best thing is that those services are instant and you get the unlock code to your email box a few minutes after you order the unlocking so it’s way more benefit to use a remote unlocking service which is offered online for Blackberry unlocking instantly.

    About the safety of unlocking your Blackberry… it’s safe as long as you do it right.
    The unlock code should be inserted to the phone correctly (case sensitive) so just view the code you inserted before you click the OK button… make sure it’s the right code…
    You have 10 attempts to enter the unlock code – so don’t waste your attempts… use the code once CORRECTLY and get it unlocked. if you have any problems using the unlock code then contact the support of the codes provider… the service i have used is offering full support for those things.
    if you use the wrong code more then 10 times the phone will be locked to the carrier and then it can’t be unlocked with unlock code.

    But this is the only thing you should take care of and if you use a normal legit Blackberry unlocking service there is nothing you should be worried about because you have support and professionals to help you out in any case.

    It’s legal and you need to unlock the phone only once (even wiping it won’t lock it again), it has no effect on the device and it settings.. only thing the code does is removing the SIM lock which is set to stop the phone from getting signal with SIM cards from other carrier – after it’s unlocked all SIM cards from all carriers will work as regular, same as the SIM card of the original brand carrier used with your Blackberry.

    Bottom line: Cheap when using online Blackberry unlocking services, Safe if you read the instructions correctly and don’t act stupid..

  3. The best website for Blackberry unlock codes is i have used them many times for our corporate phones and they have never let me down.

    The codes are only £3.99 which is very cheap compared to others. If you have concerns you can contact them as well, they are really helpful and will always advise correctly

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