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Question by Elizabeth S: Help me understand what happened?
I purchased a Razr last week off of eBay. Brand new, reputable company with over a thousand transactions a month. Today, I dropped my phone and damaged the LCD. I am attempting to send it back to Motorolla and the serial and IMEI don't match. How can I get the phone repaired and why don't they seem to match?

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Answer by 1rebelbelle
That's fishy...what does the seller say about this mismatch??

I also dropped and broke my Razr (lcd's completely black) and I'd only had it a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the lcd isn't covered under warranty and I had to buy a new phone. The cost to repair it was going to be over $ 150.
But it seems like you might have a different problem and I'm curious to know if the seller has a responsibility to sell you a phone with matching serial and IMEI numbers.
Good luck

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