20 thoughts on “Capture card/Sony Vegas test”

  1. Thanks! It’s great to see things like this when looking for a capture device as just words can never show how good a device is.

  2. Yeah use the HD connector and not the AV one and fiddle with some settings, Can’t remember what settings mind it was along time ago

  3. Oh because most reviews I have read say it doesn’t, is there something you have to do to make it 720p?

  4. I have it on pc and play it a awful lot more on pc, I didn’t buy this specifically to make this video, hence why it says “TEST” hurpdurp retard

  5. @03oliwri hi mate I saw your review on ebuyer as I am looking to record Xbox footage. How exactly is the device setup to record I play my Xbox on hdmi. Where does the device plug in?

  6. That’s pretty sad. Buying a capture device for the PC to then record a console game that you could have been playing natively, in much superior quality, on your PC instead.

    You don’t have a whole lot of smarts in that head of yours, do you?

  7. Hmm.
    After seeing what this device can produce, I might actually buy it!
    Thanks for the review on eBuyer! (:

  8. So you plug the HD cables into the capture device, do you then play the game through the computer or can you still play on the TV?

  9. I randomly got pal-60 to work, Didn’t change anything it just decided to work. Stuff like that seems to happen alot with this card.

  10. Haven’t really tried to fix it yet, will get around to fixing pal60 eventually but BC2 works in pal50 so shall suffice for the moment. Also pal 60 looks horrid through the AV cable on a hd tv which is what I have to play it through lol.

  11. Not really sure mate, Mine just sorta worked. Just keep fucking with the settings try putting the Xbox onto pal 50 that might help I know mine doesn’t work at pal 60.

  12. Yeah its y/pb/pr but 720p evrything is 0 , on y.cb.cr thing it says 1 on unkwon video standad but it gives me a green screen :(

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