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what kind of exhaust tips would fit for my 05 toyota sequioa!?

Question by akshay.mehmi: what kind of exhaust tips would fit for my 05 toyota sequioa!?
i want some magnaflow exhaust but i just want a louder sound i was looking at the tips but i dunno how they would fit. or do i need to get the muffler with tip? can someone help me find it?
thank you(:

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Answer by Holey Mufflers
first, an exhaust tip is just bling. has nothing to do with sound. doesn't make it unimportant regarding looks.
magnaflow has a search engine for specific model apps. good thing. yours would be this, TRUCK&model=SEQUOIA
clicking on the image show this,
so their kit comes with a muff and a tail pipe with tip.
i'm sure you can buy just the muff if you chose if you're not thrilled with the offered tip. in that event, one would simply measure the existing exhaust outside diameter (OD) just b4 the tip, and putt on down to the local parts store for more options. they typically have a wide variety of them. each has a sticker noting the outside and inside diameter (ID). you would use the OD of your exhaust and match it to your preferred style of tip and go by it's ID. because the new tip would slide *over* the existing exhaust after the old tip is cut off. then it's either clamped, screwed, or welded in place.
the muff should be a direct fit. since the muff is a quality one, i'd have that welded in.

your options after purchase are,
you buy, you cut, you temp clamp, drive to exhaust specialist, have it all welded in place. or simply take your stuff to 'em, and pay to have it done.

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Q&A: free radio station for lg sentio phones?

Question by babygirl4300: free radio station for lg sentio phones?
i would like to listen to a radio station online from my lg sentio phone. does anyone have a free station to download. pandora radio doesnt work on lg sentio phones

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Answer by Mr.Peabody

I think the iRadio app might do the trick (its freeware available from Myxer). I've provided you with a link below specifically for the lg sentio phone.

Hope this works for you!

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