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Problems in Buying Unlocked Cell Phone? Superb Tips to Purchase the Best

Problems in Buying Unlocked Cell Phone? Superb Tips to Purchase the Best

If you are keen on purchasing an unlocked mobile phone and don’t have any idea about what to do, here are some tips to help you purchase the best. Before getting on to the real tips, you need to understand that there are about hundreds of various types of phones and plans available in the market for unlocked cell phones. There are several extra offers with unlocked cell phones such as ring tones, games and even access to some special services. You may find some of these special services really attractive on the advertisements, but they may be quite expensive. It would not be a big surprise if you end up getting a whole in your pocket.

Hence, it is important to give a serious thought to the facilities available and the prices they are offered at prior to purchasing an unlocked mobile phone.

Purchasing Tips:

Work out a budget

It is extremely important to work out what you can afford. Remember that you need to pay up-front and a bill each month for your phone. Go for a budgeting schedule via discussing plans and offers with your service provider. This will help you a great deal to find out the best unlocked phone and plan for your specific requirements. You will also require to think about how often you will be using your phone. Also think about when you will use it and how long you would normally spend on your calls. Also consider whether you want to use it for calling, text messaging or both.


Once you prepare a budget, try to do a research on types of plans available with your unlocked cell phones. Usually, about four different types of service agreements are available for unlocked mobile users namely; fixed term contracts, prepaid plans, rental plans and monthly plans. A fixed term plan is for about a period of one to three years. Monthly plans let you have an account with a provider and billed on a monthly basis. You don’t require to sign for a fixed period of time.

Pre-paid account keeps tabs on the amount you spend. If you go for a rental plan, you need to pay monthly and use your phone for an unlimited amount.


If you want to enjoy the best of features in an unlocked mobile phone, it is best to skip the one that does not have the following features:

a) Camera

b) Bluetooth

c) Speaker

d) Music

Make sure that the camera, speaker and Bluetooth options are free of cost.

Affordable plan

You need to understand that cheapest plans usually start at 40 per month and goes up from there.

Accessories and add-ons

Don’t go for accessories that are tagged hi-fi. Instead go for these that you really require. Make sure that these accessories are specifically designed for your phone.

Basic demonstration

Prior to purchasing the product finally, you should ask the dealer to provide you a basic demonstration. He should tell you how to use the voicemail feature, camera text messages or menus. You also need to ask what the dealers return policy is. You must always get an insurance for your phone.

Purchase your unlocked mobile phone wisely and you would cherish your final decision forever.

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