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Disassemble Nokia E65 to Change Faceplate

This is a really good video that shows you how to disassemble the Nokia E65.  From this you can replace the lcd screen or Change the Faceplate or fascia as some call it.

You will need a T6 Torx Driver, a size #00 Philip screwdriver, and some type of pry tool.  I like to use guitar picks.  the thinner the better.  you can also use a plastic card like your drivers license or you debit card.

Here are some Nokia E65 faceplates available on Ebay.

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And here is a disassembly video for the Nokia E65.  It is fairly short and straight forward.  No videos of the reassembly but, it should be fairly easy to do.  Just make sure that you keep track of all your screws.  I hate it when I lose them.

Nokia 5310 Front Cover Replacement (Change Colors Too!)

Is the front cover on your nokia 5310 broken or really scratched up??  D0 you want to change the color of your 5310? If so then this is the guide for you!

You can buy a replacement Nokia 5310 Housing coverfrom eBay.

You will need a T6 torx driver to remove the screws.  I also recommend a thin plastic guitar pick to help undo the covers. Check your local home depot for a torx driver set.  They run about 5 dollars.  Some of the housings come with a driver and a pick

1. Turn off power to the phone

2. Remove battery cover and battery.


3. Remove the camera cover.


4. Insert a small tip object (preferably plastic) into the camera cover near the headset port.


5. Work the small tipped object around the seam of the cover to release the 2 retaining clips and remove the camera cover. See the pictures below for the locations.cliplocationoncamerasnapon5310_thumbremovecameracover5310unlocked_thumb4

6. Remove the 2 screws that are under the camera cover.remove2screws5310_thumb7

7. Release the 5 clips on the sides of the cover.3clipstoreleaseonside5310_thumb2 2clipstoreleaseonside5310_thumb5

8.  Flip the phone over and remove the top cover by lifting at the top and working towards the bottom to release the 2 hooks.


9. Install the top outer frame back on.  Start from the bottom of the phone.


10. Make sure the latches on side are fully engaged.  Failure to do this may cause side buttons on the phone not to function properly.


11. Install the the two screws back into the top backside of the phone.


12. Install the camera cover on and make sure is snaps into place.


12. Install the battery and put the battery cover back on.

13. Power your Nokia 5310 and make sure all the buttons work.

That’s it.  You are all done!

Remember, you can get a new Nokia 5310 faceplate cover from the store.

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