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Get the New Samsung Behold from T-Mobile for A Greatly Reduced Price

Are you in the market for the T-mobile Behold?  Want to get this nice phone while spending as little as possible?  Trying to find the secret promo codes for T-mobile that gets you heavily discounted phones. Then you came to the right website.

The Samsung Behold is the new touch screen phone offered by T-mobile it is small and pretty slick looking. I like that it is a phone, not a Smartphone.  Oh and it has a 5MP camera in it!  How sweet is that!

Here is part of the review from CNET.  Click Here to Read all of it

The Samsung Behold's candy bar design resembles previous touch-screen phones like the Omnia and the Dare. Below the prominent touch screen are the few physical controls; the camera lens sits on the phone's rear face. It's not terribly unique, but it is slick and eye-catching. You can get it in two colors (espresso or rose), but the features are the same on both models.…..

The 3-inch display doesn't offer the biggest touch screen around, but we're glad that Samsung took full advantage of the Behold's real estate. With support for 262,000 colors (240x400 pixels), it is bright and beautiful, with vibrant colors and sharp graphics. You can change the brightness, the backlighting time, and the font type. You also can change the intensity of the vibrating feedback.

The touch interface is responsive and intuitive; in many ways the internal menus are not unlike the Instinct. We had no issues with misdials or pressing the wrong button, but if you have problems, you can adjust the calibration. Thumbing through long lists presented few problems as well. As on the iPhone, the Behold has a sensor that dims its display automatically when you raise the phone to your ear during a conversation. The Behold also has an accelerometer that will change the display's orientation as you rotate the phone.


Here is a video review of  the behold T919 by Samsung


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