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Replace the Sidekick 3 LCD Lens Cover

Is the Lens on you Sidekick 3 cracked?  Too many scratches making it hard to see the lcd screen clearly?  Then replacing the lcd lens cover on your sidekick 3 is what you need to do. This guide will show you how.

Replacing the LCD lens cover screen on your sidekick 3 is a fairly straight forward process. There are only 6 screws you need to remove. This repair will require a T6 torx driver and a number 0 Phillips screwdriver.

Buy a replacement Sidekick 3 LCD Glass Lens screen.

  1. Power down unit.
  2. Remove back cover and take out battery.
  3. Flip you sidekick screen halfway to access the two screws that need to be removed. One has already been removed in this picture. Remove the screws using the T6 torx driver.sidekick 3 screen half rotated to access two screws to remove flip screen lcd
  4. While still holding the screen in the half flipped position, gently lift the screen up and out.



Be careful not to touch the copper contacts or the connector. The pins on the connector of the base unit are very fragile.

repair my sidekick 3 be careful not touch damage lcd contacts Replace the Sidekick 3 LCD Lens Cover

5.  Put the LCD screen assembly upside down on a soft surface (to avoid scratching). There are 4 screws that need to be removed before your can removed the old lcd screen cover. You will need a size 0 Phillips screwdriver for these.

6.   Remove the two screws shown below.

repair my sidekick 3 screws on lcd back cover Replace the Sidekick 3 LCD Lens Cover

7.  Remove the other two screws shwon below. You will need to rotate the flex cable/spring unit to access one of them.

repair my sidekick 3 move swivel to access screw on lcd back cover Replace the Sidekick 3 LCD Lens Cover

8. Flip the screen back over and gently pry the two corners on the bottom of the side with the flex cable.

repair my sidekick 3 pry up edge of lcd cover Replace the Sidekick 3 LCD Lens Cover

9. Now that both edges are loose, grab the edge and gently lift screen backwards.


10.   Now, install the new LCD screen cover in the reverse order. Start the installation in the position in the photo above.

11.   Once the cover is on, press down firmly on edges to make sure they are snapped into place.

12.   Flip LCD unit over and install 4 screws you removed earlier. Be sure to move flex swivel unit out of the way for the one screw. Once the screws are in, it is time to reassemble phone.

13.  Prepare the LCD screen Assembly for installation. Make sure the spring unit is aligned as shown. Fail to follow this step can cause the screen not to flip properly. If it is not aligned as shown, rotate spring assembly until it is.

repair my sidekick 3 back side of removed lcd flip screen Replace the Sidekick 3 LCD Lens Cover

14.   Rotate the screen to the half flipped position and install in base unit. See picture in step 4 for the proper angle to install. Once installed, slowly release the screen and allow to flip into position.

15.   Rotate screen to the half flipped position and install the two screws removed in step 3 and tighten them down.

16.   Test the flip action of your phone. It if doesn’t work right, remove screen and go back to step 3.

17.   Once the flip action is working, it is time to reinstall the battery and back cover.

18.   Power up you phone and enjoy your Sidekick 3 in all it’s glory.

Disclaimer: Disassembling your Sidekick 3 will void the warranty. Proceed with the following instructions at you own risk. is not liable for any damage that may occur. This website is in no way related to or associated with T-mobile or Danger Inc.

Originally posted 2008-12-21 21:24:49.

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Fix My Sidekick

How to Add Your Own Background Picture on the Sidekick LX

The easiest way to add your own background picture on the Sidekick LX is to make a custom theme and upload it to your phone. 

YOu can do it easily at the following link to

Or if you want to do it the hard way, follow the steps below.  I would recommend downloading this theme pack to use as an Template.

1. Plug your USB cable into your computer and Sidekick

2. On the computer browse to the Sidekick drive folders open “My Computer” then select the Sidekick’s drive

3. You will see two folders listed, make a new folder here, name it “themes” (without the quotes)

4. Open that “themes” folder

5. In that folder make another new folder with your new theme name.  This is the name you want to appear on the Sidekick backgrounds menu

6. Open Windows Notepad and paste the following text into it string Name(en_US) themename
bitmap ring-background ring-background.png bitmap ring-folder-background ring-folder-background.png

7. Save this .txt file to your newly named folder as “theme.txt”. There are more things that can be added and modified, but this will make it easy to add your picture.

8. Save the picture you want as the main background in this folder. (ring-background) Make sure the name of the file should match the Notepad text file string and should be in PNG or JPG format sizing for backgrounds is commonly listed as 400×208 pixels, otherwise the image may appear stretched

9. Add the second picture you want for the sub category background. (ring-folder-background) this is the same size as the main background file.

10. The picture file names must match the text file exactly, I sometimes save in jpg format but still leave the .png in the text line and the background will not load.

11. Close the files, unplug your USB cable from the device.

12. On your Sidekick select Menu/Settings/Backgrounds and your new theme name should be listed below the original four. This is the name you set as the folder and in the text file.

13. Select the new theme and it applies.

I hope that helps you all out!

Originally posted 2008-11-24 13:29:49.

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Fix My Sidekick

Welcome To Fix My Sidekick

Hello and Welcome! is up and almost running.  This site is an offshoot and the eventual successor to my other Sidekick Repair site  The Blog format makes it easier to write procedures and update the site.  Eventually we will have the same information and probably even more than repairmysidekick.

We will be keeping the tradition of providing repair guides and how to information on Sidekick Repair for free.

If you don’t see the answer to your question or problem then send us note by using our Contact form located here.

Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you soon!

Originally posted 2008-09-03 23:23:54.

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