cell phone repair ! help?

Question by life_sucks 1: cell phone repair ! help?
my cell phone is automatic turn itself off
what happened to my phone
and how to fix it?
my phone is Nokia 5300 musicExpress

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Answer by fareeda
turn your phone on go to settings and disable the auto shut off

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Question by : can i have my nokia phone repaired at nokia care even though it's no longer covered by warranty?
my n97's lock broke and i want to have it fixed immediately. would they still repair it even though it no longer has a warranty? if yes, then i now that i should pay but how much?

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Answer by Nancy Bee
of course u can. Call ur nearest nokia care and they should be able to give u an approximate estimate of costs, depending on the problem.

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One thought on “cell phone repair ! help?”

  1. lol my n97 lock button broke also…
    But i am using a software call ‘my key lock’ so everytime i want to lock my phone… Just double tap the red key… For unlock… Face detection or mmenu button…
    If u want it… Go google search ‘my key lock s60v5’

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