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Question by Chocolate2: Can my charging port on my cell phone fixed?
I took it to a cell phone repair shop because it would not charge whenever I plugged it in. They said my charging port is broken and can't be fixed? I wanted other opinions, is this true? My phone is a HTC Desire?

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Answer by BlkBear
May be that "they", can't fix it, but as the parts are sold online, someone that knows what they are doing can. The problem with older phones is many repair shops do not want to even try fixing them, because other things may be wrong other than just a bad usb port, and they don't want to hear, "It was working before I came here, fix it!".

Your only optin is to try a different cell phone repair shop. It is possible you may have to find the parts yourself, to get them to repair it. Or bite the bullet and get a new phone.

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