Cell phone repair / microwave???

Question by desmolition: Cell phone repair / microwave???
Have you ever heard of putting a wet cell phone into the microwave to evaporate the moisture? If so how exactly do you do it? I mean for like how long.

It just seems risky to me.

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Answer by Stephen C
are you stupid !? the phone can blow up ....... if it's wet take the battery and towel dry it .. simple as that ... doesn't work if you have gurantee on that phone bring it back to the store and tell them what happened they might give you a new phone or battery and charger .

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  1. Actually- use a blow dryer and its lowest coldest setting and DO NOT put it in the microwave…

  2. don’t use the microwave…. lol
    rubbing alcohol works wonders to pull out the moisture and so does putting your phone on the back of a t.v. thats turned on.

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