Cell Phone Repair Question?

Question by aarie37: Cell Phone Repair Question?
I went swimming with my phone in my pocket accidentally about a month ago. I took the battery out right away and dried everything out. I took just the phone and saked it in alcohol to help it dry. I let it dry for 3 days then put the battery back on. It worked, but the backlight on the phone does not work. I can barely see the screen but the phone functions perfectly except for the backlight. I got an estimate from CPR (Cell Phone Repair) and it was $ 65. I told them I am not paying that much for it to be repaired, since I bought the phone for $ 50 dollars. It its a Motorola V325. Can anybody tell me what is wrong with it, or how much it would cost to fix it.

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Answer by awesumechick16
It would be best if you just bought a new one or try more repair shops go to your local cell phone provider store

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  1. It could be that the light shorted out or is about to burn out due to the water damage. If you are handy with a solder gun and good with electronics, open your phone and find out if Radioshack carries that particular light.

    If they do, it is a simple matter of removing the old light and soldering in the new light.

    Keep in mind that it might be worth it to just buy a new phone. You can get a no frills phone on eBay for as little as $ 5.

    Best of luck.

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