Charging my old Sony Ericsson W600i?

Question by kicknsplat: Charging my old Sony Ericsson W600i?
I purchased a W600i 2-3 years ago. The phone is perfectly fine but the charger isn't. So now my phone is completely dead. I tried charging it by using a USB cable connected to my mac. However, all my phone does is light up and then the light dies and then it lights up again after a while. I don't even know if it's charging at all. I know I can use the USB to charge but I don't know if I can only do that if the phone has some power left in it so it can connect to the computer. Or is USB charging a lot slower than using a wall charger. Any tips????
Uhm, to the Sony Ericsson "rep" who answered what do you suggest I should do?

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Answer by Sony Ericsson
With the W600 the phone does need to have some power left before you can charge it. Without some charge the phone cannot get into the proper mode for charging over USB.

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Question by Zal L: A problem with Sony Ericsson W580i?
So I tried downloading songs onto my phone, and waht happened was the USB saftey removel storage first said detected new hardware so i dwonloaded the new hardware thingy. . . ( I also downloaded the disc taht came wif da phone). Then the storage said unknown device but i already downloaded the device thing. . then it just went like connected disconnected connected and so on with my phone when ever i try to disconnect it the thing just disconnects itself WITHOUT me safley removing it. My phone's screen still stays the same, it says do not remove phone, make sure u saftey removed with ur PC somthing like dat but like i cant .. . so ANY TIPS?? Plzz THANKYOu!!

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Answer by ** i should've cheated**
take out the battery of the phone for a few mins

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