CNET How To – Tips for the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint scanner

CNET How To - Tips for the iPhone 5S' fingerprint scanner Get more out of Touch ID with these little-known tips and tricks.
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Some cool new things featured in iOS 5. Some of you may know these, but most of you won't. Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

iPhone 5 (5C & 5S) User's Manual: Tips and Tricks to Unleash the Power of You...

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34 thoughts on “CNET How To – Tips for the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint scanner”

  1. I printed 1 finger 5 different times and still makes type my pass code
    everytime all the scanner does is makes it harder to access your own phone
    it’s funny as he’ll

  2. Okay what I don’t get is why post this tip now. Why didn’t they post this
    tip when the 5s was release. I’m sorry but this tip is to little to late
    but thanks for the tip though

  3. Apple’s A7 beats the snap 800 by ALOT, Bigger screen is pefrence, Wireless
    charging has down sides(can’t hold the phone while charging) NFC useless
    and the 18 month old nexus is not even getting Kitkat 4.4.

  4. iphone 5s is like 800$ unlocked, nexus 5 is 349$. Nexus 5 has a bigger
    screen, faster processor, wireless charging, nfc, alot of software updates
    and much more.

  5. On iOS 7.0.3 if you go to settings, general, accessibility, and turn on
    ‘Reduce Motion”, it repalaces all animations with a fading effect.

  6. @felixmycat If you updates to iOS 7.0.3 you can turn the apps flying in
    when you unlock your iPhone when you turn on reduce motion in settings
    under accessibility

  7. it maybe does beat it, but you cant really feel the difference between the
    two. Wireless charging has ups to – ITS friggin wireless (+ you can use
    wired charging too, if thats not your thing) and the nexus 4 is getting 4.4
    kitkat, but not right now.

  8. Good video…just out of curiosity…are you trying out an Irish
    accent…because your other words don’t sound like it…just your stress on
    the last word in a sentence :) It’s just that I love the Irish accent.

  9. Why does he have that kind of girl accent? Well anyway REALLY good Tip and
    NICE video keep it up!!!

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