DIY: How to Repair / Clean Blackberry Bold 9000 Trackball / Pointing Device In 10 Minutes

If your Blackberry trackball isn't really spinning/scrolling in a certain direction, it's probably because a lot of dust has built up inside the trackball. Similar to the old mechanical mouse for computers, the Blackberry trackball needs to be cleaned once in awhile. This happened to me today so I thought I would share what I learnt while cleaning it. I hope this video will help someone out there who suddenly can't use their blackberry anymore. This video will show you how to clean the trackball. You will need a Torx T5 screwdriver. You can probably find it most electronic stores. If you are planning to replace the trackball with a new one, buy them on eBay (sorry, we don't sell them). This probably VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY. Several things worth mentioning: 1) Take your time, things are harder to put together than they are to take apart. So don't rush when taking apart the phone. Don't do it at all if you don't feel comfortable. 2) This will VOID YOUR WARRANTY (I think) 3) Doing this will NOT erase your data or settings on your Blackberry, but you should have a backup made before trying anything, just in case. 4) Don't be alarmed if after the repair, your Blackberry takes forever to turn on. It is because the battery has been removed the device is doing a hard reset. Mine probably took at least 5 minutes to start up. Once it does, you will only have to set the time again, everything else is the same. 5) I am not a cellphone repairman, and don't know much about any other model ...

22 thoughts on “DIY: How to Repair / Clean Blackberry Bold 9000 Trackball / Pointing Device In 10 Minutes”

  1. wow words cannot describe how amazing this video is thanks so much dave for the help no more waiting for weeks

  2. You Sir need a award, thank you for this video, i couldn’t move the ball in the down direction any more, and then I saw your video. You helped me a lot and am thankful for your help. Have a nice day :)

  3. Is there any other way that I can clean the trackball?
    I don’t feel confident enough to take my phone apart and plus my phone isn’t under warranty so if it brakes then I have to go out and by a new one.

  4. Thank you…thank you…thank you…I am buying my time until the new Samsung Galaxy phone to come out so I’m trying to keep my 3-yearl old Bold working. The trackball continues to be a challenge. Hopefully this cleaning will get me through the summer until the new Galaxy comes out in the States.

  5. Oh my god this video was really helpful thank you so so much for putting it up.. I was about to get insane because of my blackberry ! Thank you, again !

  6. Thank you so so so much, ur a star…. Easy to follow, you have spoken clearly, and my phone is fixed….

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