do you know any sidekick 08 tricks?

Question by -chuckybobby: do you know any sidekick 08 tricks?
i have a sidkick 08 i want to know some tricks

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Answer by michelle
Hit menu (top left button) + plus "shift" + "M" at the same time and go to a mirror thing. (the mirror is kinda crappy)

press menu, then go to settings and go to "about sidekick 2008" and hit menu+shift+8 and it goes to a game called "SnowBored"

press menu+alt+camera (top right button) to take a screenshot of what you are doing on your sidekick. It saves the screenshot to your device album.

to highlight text, hold down shift and scroll through the text you want to copy. Press menu+c to copy it and menu+v to paste it.

in the web browser, press menu+shift+e to change what outlines the text when you highlight it.

menu + f is a flashlight (you have to be on the jump screen for it to work)

Full Screen Web Browser (Will take away the title bar of the Web Browser) Press Menu + Shift + T (Will only work on the Web Browser)

Toggle Browser Colors (Turns on/off background colors on webpages) Menu + Shift + M

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