Do you know some tips in writing a good book?

Question by dragon_exile: Do you know some tips in writing a good book?
I'm interested in writing a book but i need some tips before i start

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Answer by Pokey-Chan
Check your grammar. You don't know "tips in writing a good book," but you may know some "tips on writing a good book" or "tips for writing a good book."

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Question by sammyloks70: does someone have codes and ticks for a sidekick 3?????

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Answer by GrinningFool
Try this site out for tips and tricks.

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  1. you have to read many books similar to book you want to write. You should observe real events and gain much experience. You should write about something new and helpfull to society.

  2. It’s a good idea to search for other questions and answers in this area here on Yahoo Answers. When you find some really good answers, put that person in your contacts list, then read other answers they’ve made in Books & Authors on writing. You’ll get a lot more information that way than with a broad question like you’ve just asked.

    You can also join Writers Digest Book Club to pick up some of the best books on writing. The Fiction Writing Series is particularly helpful. I really enjoyed reading “Characters & Viewpoint” by Orson Scott Card.

  3. Awesome question – I’d like to know some answers myself!

    I’ve been wanting to write a book for a while now, and all I can say is go buy the book “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg.

    My roommate gave it to me and now I never want to leave home without it! It’s got SO many pieces of advice that made me go “ok, I finally get it!” And has tons of writing exercises that let you stop stressing about what to write or how to write and just gets you WRITING. It’s so great! I recommend getting the pocket-size so it’s super portable & it’s only like $ 10 or so. Or even get a used copy on Amazon. It’s so worth it.

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