Droid Eris Tips and Tricks #1 (2.1)

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Question by : How to stop HTC Freestyle from lagging.?
I got the HTC freestyle last week and actually don't mind it. But when i'm sliding from page to page on the home screen it lags like a son of a mother duck. Any tips or trick on how to stop it from lagging up a lag storm?

P.S. Plus when I open up messages it will sometimes automatically open up the options page. (by options i mean the Reply, forward, etc page)

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Answer by Biscuit
I'm sorry, but there really isn't any way. You could delete some of your messages and stuff, but that won't improve by much.

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22 thoughts on “Droid Eris Tips and Tricks #1 (2.1)”

  1. yes
    i have it but it does now work cause i have not set it up but once u do its worth getting

  2. i need HELP im runing 2.1 on my eris and i cant delete massages on my phone my inbox is full i cant receive more untill i get rid of them all my phone will not delete them it ends up force closing what can i do :”(

  3. yea, im stuck on the android home also. i kinda want my htc sense back. can you please reply to all of your questions!! cuz theres more than just my comment that needs help. geeez.

  4. How do i go back to the regular droid eris theme?

  5. hello i did the change senes that you were talking about and now i cant change it back can you please help me.

  6. I dont know why mine dont work it be on the home sreen but all it says loading and it be like that the hole time.

  7. just got my update last night and flash player 10.1 is on there..watching justin tv and hula

  8. my weather/ clock widget, twitter/ peep widget and favorite peeple widget no longer works. how do I fix this since 2.1 fucked it up?

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