Droid Incredible by HTC?

Question by Hope!Love!Peace!: Droid Incredible by HTC?
Is anyone elses battery dying extremely quick.
Also tips or cool things I should know.
Just got mine yesterday. Thanks.

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Answer by myopinion
I love mine! I had the same problem though.
I extended battery life by going into all the pre-loaded apps and setting them to update only once a day or to update only when I open them. I do the same with apps from the Android Market.
Also, turn the phone off when you charge it. Make sure wifi is turned off and only turn it on when you need it. (see settings for wireless and networks for that).
I also bought a car charger so it doesn't suck down battery life when I use google navigation.
I don't take many calls or text a lot, but I use the internet and apps a lot, and play games. Probably actively using it for two-three hours a day. I get two days of charge with these few changes. If you're a heavy user, make sure you charge once a day and keep a cord at your workplace or get a spare battery. All the cool features are what drains the battery, but these suggestions should help.

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  1. HTC DROID INCREDIBLE Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)
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    2. Agenda
    3. Text Widget from HTC Sense
    4. Stock Widget from HTC Sense
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    7. FriendStream – HTC Sense seemlessly integrated Facebook/Twitter/Flickr

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