Dropped my HTC hero in sink, tried to turn in on right after by mistake…..any hope?

Question by : Dropped my HTC hero in sink, tried to turn in on right after by mistake.....any hope?
yeahhh, i dried it off, and attempted to turn it on like a retard..... well it didnt work, I now have it sitting in rice (last three hours) and have attempted to turn it on again, but it goes dark, finally gets to the HTC screen, but goes dark and cuts off again...... any ideas on whether or not to give up on it? and any tips to help save it?

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Answer by Annopoly
Put it in a bowl of rice, completely covered in rice, for at least 24 hours. The rice should help soak the water. This happened to my phone and it wouldn't even work but after I did the rice thing it worked like it did before.

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  1. Complete agree with first poster. Since I am new, I can not vote on their response. I do work for a cellphone company and know this works.

    1. Be sure you remove the battery from the phone asap
    2. wipe down all excess solution (water)
    3. rice or those gel packets you find in show boxes, or place next to a dehumidifier.

    Most importantly, keep it away from a power source for at least 24 hours.
    Good Luck.

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